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SQL (Structure Query Language) is a non-procedural language. SQL are used for access and manipulate data in databases. SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard language.


Why need of SQL

SQL is required for perform following operation on database

  • To create new databases, tables.
  • To insert any records in database
  • To update records in database
  • To delete records from database
  • To retrieve data from database

Features of SQL

  • SQL is not a case sensitive language.
  • Every commands in SQL should ends with semicolon(;).
  • SQL can also called as sequel (SEQUEL).
  • It is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard language.

Limitation of SQL

  • SQL does not support looping and condition statements etc.
  • In SQL you can not execute more than one statement at a time, so it increase the network traffic.
  • SQL always gives system defined error message, when user perform any wrong transaction.
  • SQL does not support the code re-usability, it means you need to write insert, delete, update, select command each and every time.
  • SQL does not support procedure language features such as code re-usability and molecularity and some other features of oops.

To Overcome all these above limitation we use PL/SQL.

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