Inner Joins

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Inner Joins

Inner Join returns all rows when there is at least one match in both tables.

inner join

Inner joins use a comparison operator to match rows from two tables based on the values in common columns from each table. For example, retrieving all rows where the student identification number is the same in both the students and courses tables.

Inner Join uses some comparison operator like = or <>

Example of Join

Below we combined two table, table employee and table payment.

Employee table

101Amit Sukla24
102Rahul jain34
103Sultan Alam54
104Gaurav rawat26
105Hitesh Kumar35

Payment table


After apply join on these two table, result show like below;


SELECT emp_id, name, age,salary   
   FROM Employee e, Payment p  
   WHERE e.Emp_id =p.Payment_id;  

In above syntax we select 4 columns, emp_id, name, age and salary from table Employee and table Payment. And retrieving all rows where the employee identification number is the same in both the Employee and Payment tables.

101Amit Sukla2420000
102Rahul jain3445000
103Sultan Alam5450000
104Gaurav rawat2655000
105Hitesh Kumar3540000

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