Types of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can be divided in various types, there are mainly two types of main categorization which are based on capabilities and based on functionally of AI.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence type-1: Based on Capabilities
  • Artificial Intelligence type-2: Based on functionality

Artificial Intelligence: Based on Capabilities

  • Weak AI or Narrow AI
  • Normal Artificial Intelligence
  • Super Artificial Intelligence

Weak AI or Narrow AI

Narrow AI is a type of AI which is able to perform a dedicated task with intelligence. The most common and currently available AI is Narrow AI in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Weak artificial intelligence is also called narrow artificial intelligence. This is to complete a specific problem. This machine is not very smart. Apple Siri and Alexa can be good exams for weak AI, their range is limited. There may be more examples of this, such as playing chase, playing ludo, self-driving car, speech recognition, image recognition.

Normal Artificial Intelligence

General AI is a type of intelligence that could perform any intellectual task with efficiency like a human.

It will be capable of doing any kind of intellectual work like a human. The purpose behind making it is that it can take decisions on its own as a human. The whole world is still behind developing General AI. And now it is a subject of research. There are no examples of this at the present time.

Super Artificial Intelligence

Super AI is a level of Intelligence of Systems at which machines could surpass human intelligence, and can perform any task better than humans with cognitive properties. It is an outcome of general AI.

It is an outcome of general AI. This AI is highly ahead of humans, it can do all the work in a much better way than humans. We can understand this from the Chiti of Rajinikanth started film Robot. The Chiti who is a robot can think, be judgmental, can plan, can learn and can even talk to himself. It is still a hypothetical concept of AI.

Artificial Intelligence: Based on functionality

  • Reactive Machines
  • Limited Memory
  • Theory of Mind
  • Self-Awareness

Reactive Machines

It is a basic type of AI. It does not have any memory so does not even remember the previous things. It pays attention to the current scenario. and it provides the best results. As an example, IBM's Deep blue and Google's Alpha Go

Limited Memory

It has some amount of memory, so it can store some data and remember the previous things. It can store data for a limited time. As an example, self-driving car because it can store side-by-side activities such as distance, speed, navigation off-road and other important information.

Theory of Mind

This AI tries to connect with people, it tries to understand people's emotion, belief, thought, expectation as well as tries to talk socially. So many AI machines have been made so far. But this has not been possible in full. Despite this, work is in progress.


It is an AI machine of the future or will be much faster than a human mind. This AI machine will be super intelligent and will have its own consciousness, feelings, and self-awareness. But right now it's imaginary.

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence


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