Advantage and Disadvantage of Ajax

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Advantage and Dis-Advantage of Ajax

Ajax is most useful technology but it have some dis-advantages;

Advantage of Ajax

  • Independent of server technology.
  • Apart from obtaining the XMLHTTP object, all processing is same for all browser types, because JavaScript is used.
  • Using ajax you can develop faster and more interactive web applications.
  • Ajax based application use less server bandwidth, because no need to reload complete page..

Disadvantage of Ajax

  • Possible network latency problems. People should be given feedback about the processing.
  • Does not run on all browsers.
  • Search Engine like Google can't index Ajax pages.
  • Security is less in AJAX application. Anyone can view the source code written for Ajax.
  • The back button problem. People think that when they press back button, they will return to the last change they made, but in AJAX this doesn't hold.
  • Only recent browsers that support the XMLHttpRequest Javascript object are able to correctly interpret an AJAX page.
  • Search engines may not be able to index all content published with AJAX.

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