Cyber Secirity Principles


Cyber Security Attacks Cyber Security Tutorial

Cyber Secirity Principles

The principles or the steps to cybersecurity are for enterprises and businesses that are looking to protect themselves from the attacks in cyberspace.

  • Security beyond Firewall
  • Advanced Access Management
  • Enhanced Application Security
  • Trusted Attack Simulation
  • Data Encryption
  • Compliance Business Framework

Always Install the Newest OS and the Newest Software

If you leave OS (and/or software) vulnerabilities unfixed, your computer may become infected with malicious computer virus. Don’t forget to apply OS (and/or software) patches and use the newest software.

  • If you are using Windows OS, execute Windows Update
  • If you are using Mac OS, get app updates from the Mac App Store
  • Update the following software installed into your computer: Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Use Security Software

More and more computer viruses are used to steal your information such as ID and password. Likewise, growing number of computer viruses are used to remote control your computer. Furthermore, increasing number of computer viruses are used to secretly encrypt files. Don’t forget to use security software. Also, don’t forget to update virus definition files—in other words, virus pattern files.

  • Set your computer to automatically update virus definition files
  • Consider using all-in-one security suite. All-in-one security suite is a package including the following: firewall software, security vulnerability patches, etc.

Strengthen Your Password

More and more people are having their password figured out. Furthermore, the growing number of people are having their password along with their user ID stolen from an online service. As a result, increasing number of people is becoming a victim of cyberhacking. Don’t forget to strengthen your password by creating long and complex password. Also, avoid using the same password for different services.

  • Create password with 8 or more alphanumeric characters, special symbol.
  • Do not use the following as a password: name, birthday, phone number, simple words
  • Do not use the same password for different online services

Check Your Sharing Settings

More and more people are having their information looked at by unrelated people. It is caused by wrong cloud computing service settings such as wrong data storage service settings. It is also caused by wrong network connected multi-function printer settings

  • Restrict the number of people who can use cloud computing service
  • Restrict the number of people who can use network connected multi-function printer as well as networkconnected camera and NAS.
  • Be careful not to forget to either change or delete the settings when an employee either transferred or retired

Know What Threatens You & How You may be Attacked

In order to steal User ID and password, more and more people are getting involved in sophisticated theft. Growing number of people pretending themselves as a trading partner or an interested party are sending an infected e-mail What is more, increasing number of people are creating a fake website mocking the original website. Therefore, know what threatens you and how you may be attacked so that you can take a preventive measure

  • Along with the latest attack, understand what is the newest threat by using websites provided by the expert organizations such as IPA. Also, understand what is the newest threat by using their e-mail newsletters.
  • Check warnings issued by cloud computing service providers in addition to a warnings issued by online banking providers.

Cyber Security Attacks Cyber Security Tutorial


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