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Differences Between JSON and XML

JSON have some similarties and some difference, like both are self describing and difference is JSON doesn't use end tag.

Similarities between JSON and XML

  • Both are simple and open.
  • Both are language-independent.
  • Both are self describing (human readable)
  • Both are hierarchical (values within values)
  • JSON and XML can be parsed and used by lots of programming languages
  • JSON and XML can be fetched with an XMLHttpRequest
  • JSON and XML supports unicode. So internationalization is supported by JSON and XML both.

Differences between JSON and XML

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language.
It is simple to read and write.Comapare to JSON XML is less simple.
It is data-oriented.XML is document-oriented.
It is less secured than XML.It is more secured.
JSON doesn't use end tagXML have end tag.
JSON is shorterXML is larger than JSON.
JSON is quicker to read and writeXML is not.
JSON can use arraysXML do not have an array.

JSON Example


    {"name":"Gaurav", "email":"[email protected]"},  
    {"name":"Sultan", "email":"[email protected]"},  
    {"name":"Hitesh", "email":"[email protected]"}  

XML Example


        <email>[email protected]</email>
        <email>[email protected]</email>
        <email>[email protected]</email>  

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