Features of WordPress

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Features of WordPress

WordPress is very simple and easy to use it's database same look like cpanel so you can easily use no need to hire expert. It free and open-source so mostly blogger and website owner prefer this platform.

features of wordpress
  • Easy to Use
  • Plugins to add functionality
  • Provide a range of Themes
  • Free and Open-source platform
  • Adding a blog is very easy
  • More secure
  • Inserting Multimedia
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Built-in Comments
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Create without logical skill

Easy to use

WordPress dashboard always look the same, no need to hire expert for manage you website.

Free and Open-source platform

It is freely available for every one just install wordpress and use.

Lots of Themes available

Thousands of themes are available for wordpress you can choose according to your requirement.

Plugins to add functionality

If you want to add new functionality on your blog or website just install related plugin.

Easy to Write Blog

User friendly editor are available for write blog and easily post your blog on single click.

Built-in Comments

Wordpress allow you to comment on any post. Lots of plugins are available for comment.

Search Engine Optimized

Many plugins are available for auto optimize blog for SEO.


Mobile-Friendly means you website easily run on every platform like laptop, mobile, desktop. When any one open your website on mobile it will display in small size and fit on scree.

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