AWT Introduction

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AWT Introduction

AWT stand for abstract window toolkits. Any user interact with java program in two different way;

  • CUI (Command user Interface)
  • GUI (Graphical user Interface)

If any user interact with java program by passing same commands through command prompt is known as CUI, if any user interact with java program through a graphical window known as GUI.

In core java GUI can be design using some predefined classes. All these classes are defined in java.awt package.

The predefined classes of awt package are classified into following types;

awt classes

Container classes

These are the predefined classes in java.awt package which can be used to display all non-container classes to the end user in the frame of window. container classes are; frame, panel.

non-container classes

These are the predefined classes used to design the input field so that end user can provide input value to communicate with java program, these are also treated as GUI component. non-container classes are; Label, Button, List etc...

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