Html5 Example

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Html5 Example

Html5 is very simple, only some new tags are added, other wise all syntax is same like Html.

Save and Run Html5 code

Html5 code are save with .html or .htm extension.

For run Html5 code you need any web browser (chrome, firefox etc). No others software are required for run Html code web browser are enough.

Compile Html5 Code

No need to compile manually Html5 code, When you open your code in any web browser then Html code are interpreted by browser interpreter.


<p>This is my first Html code.</p>


This is my first Html code.

Description of Example

  • <DOCTYPE:> It defines the document type.
  • <html> : Text between <html> tag describes the web document.
  • <body> : Text between <body> tag visible to for users.
  • <h1> : Text between <h1> tag describes the heading of the webpage.
  • <p> : Text between <p> tag describes the paragraph of the webpage.

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