Meter Tag

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Meter Tag

<meter>tag are used to measure data within given range. This is also known as a gauge.

Uses of meter tag

Meter tag are use to measure disk usage, same like in you computer show how much a particular drive (on hard disk) full with data.

Attributes of meter

formform_idSpecifies one or more forms the <meter> element belongs to
lownumberSpecifies the range that is considered to be a low value
highnumberSpecifies the range that is considered to be a high value
maxnumberSpecifies the maximum value of the range
minnumberSpecifies the minimum value of the range
optimumnumberSpecifies what value is the optimal value for the gauge
valuenumberRequired. Specifies the current value of the gauge

Note: The <meter> tag should not be used to indicate progress. For progress bars, you can use <progress> tag.

Html5 Example


<!DOCTYPE html>

<p>Display a gauge:</p>
<meter value="2" min="20" max="100">2 out of 10</meter><br>
<meter value="0.7">70%</meter>



Display a gauge:

20 out of 100

Browser supported


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