Event in JavaScript

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Event in JavaScript

All objects have properties and methods. In addition, some objects also have "events". Events are things that happen, usually user actions, that are associated with an object. The "event handler" is a command that is used to specify actions in response to an event. Below are some of the most common events:

onLoadOccurs when a page loads in a browser
onUnloadoccurs just before the user exits a page
onMouseOveroccurs when you point to an object
onMouseOutoccurs when you point away from an object
onSubmitoccurs when you submit a form
onClickoccurs when an object is clicked

Events and Objects

Events are things that happen, actions, that are associated with an object. Below are some common events and the object they are associaated with:

onMouseOverLink, Button
onMouseOutLink, Button
onClickButton, Checkbox, Submit, Reset, Link

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