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Features of Jquery

Jquery is the Library of JavaScript. It is simple and easy to learn. For perform any task Jquery required less code compare to javascript.

feature of jquery
  • Simple and easy
  • Lightweight
  • CSS manipulation
  • Html manipulation
  • Cross browser support
  • Event handling
  • JavaScript Library
  • Ajax Support
  • Built-in Animation

JQuery Feature and Explanation.

  • Simple and easy: It have predefined method using you can perform any task easily compare to JavaScript. And it is easy to learn.
  • Lightweight: It is very lightweight library - about 19KB in size ( Minified and gzipped ).
  • CSS manipulation: It have predefined css() method for manipulate style for any Html elements.
  • Html manipulation: The jQuery made it easy to select DOM elements, traverse them and modifying their content.
  • Cross browser support: It support all modern web-browser including IE-6.
  • Event handling: It support event handling like click mouse button.
  • JavaScript Library: It is JavaScript library.
  • Ajax Support: It support ajax, you can develop a responsive and feature-rich site using AJAX technology.
  • Built-in Animation: It have predefined method "animate()" for create custom animation on web-page.

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