JQuery Interview Questions


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JQuery Interview Questions for Freshers

JQuery Interview Questions

What is JQuery ?

jQuery is not a programming language but a well written JavaScript code. It is library of JavaScript. The main advantage of jQuery is it is light weighted, easy and simple to learn.

Why use Jquery ?

There are lots of other JavaScript frameworks and libraries available, but jQuery is the most popular, and also the most extendable. It is very simple and easy to learn. For perform any task Jquery required less code compare to javascript. Many of the biggest companies on the Web use jQuery, such as: Google, Microsoft and IBM

Why need Document Ready Event ?

Document Ready Event prevent any jQuery code from running before the document is finished loading. Suppose if your jquery code load before loading the image in this case you can't get the size of images. In below condition action are failed when method run before the document is fully loaded. Read more.....

What is chaining?

Chaining are used to run multiple jQuery methods (on the same element) within a single statement.

What is callback function ?

Callback Function is executed after the current effect is finished. Javascript executes code line by line, when next line code will be run, but effect are not finished, in this case generate an error.

How JavaScript is differ from jQuery ?

JavaScript is a language While jQuery is a library built in the JavaScript language.

Why use jQuery?

Jquery is very simple and easy to learn. It support all web browser, AJAX capabilities, event detection and handling, manipulate css style, and predefined method for create animation.

Is jQuery replacement of Java Script?

No. jQuery is not a replacement of JavaScript. JQuery is library of javascript which is written by using javascript.

Is jQuery a library for client scripting or server scripting?

JQuery is library for client side scripting.

What is the basic need to start with jQuery?

To use jquery library on your web-page you need to give reference of jquery library. Read more......

Which is starting point of code execution in jQuery?

$(document).ready() function

What is dollar sign ($) in jquery ?

Dollar Sign is nothing but it's an alias for JQuery. You can write jQuery at the place of $.



Above and below syntax are same.



Is jQuery a W3C standard?

No. jQuery is not a W3C standard.

What is the difference between .js and .min.js ?

min.js is smaller in size compare to .js files. jQuery library comes in two different versions Development and Production/Deployment. min.js is compressed file.

Can we have multiple document.ready() function on the same page?

Yes. You can write any number of document.ready() function on the same page.

Difference between body onload() and document.ready() function?

You can have more than one document.ready() function in a page where we can have only one body onload function.

What is a CDN?

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers across the Internet.

Only for remember: Here lot of files are stored, using CDN you can directly use these files on your website.

What is the advantage of using CDN?

When you use CDN get following advantage.

  • It reduces the load from your server.
  • It saves bandwidth.
  • When any user visit on other website it save in browser, as a result next time easily load.

Can we use our own specific character in the place of $ sign in jQuery?

Yes. It is possible by using jQuery.noConflict().

What does $("div") will select?

This code will select all the div elements on page.

How do you select element by ID in jQuery?

To select element use ID selector, you need to prefix the id with "#" (hash symbol).



How do you select element by class in jQuery?

To select element use class selector, you need to prefix the class with "." (dot symbol).



Which operating system is more compatible with jQuery?

Mac, Windows and Linux are more compatible with the jQuery.

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