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Excel Interview Questions

excel interview questions

Excel Interview Questions for Freshers

What is Microsoft Excel ?

It is developed by Microsoft. Excel is an electronic worksheet or spreadsheet application which is used for organizing, storing, manipulating and analyzing data.

What are cells in Excel ?

The area where data is stored on excel sheet is known as cell.

Does each cell have unique address ?

Yes, each cell has a unique address depends on the row and column value of the cell.

What is Ribbon ?

The ribbon specifies an area which runs along the top of the application and contains menu items and toolbars available in Excel. It has various tabs that contain groups of commands which perform various task. You can hide or show ribbon by using Ctrl+F1

We can hide or show the ribbon ?

Yes, we can hide or show (minimize or maximize) the ribbon by pressing Ctrl+F1.

How to prevent someone from copying the cell from your worksheet ?

Steps to prevent copying cell are; go into Menu bar > Review > Protect sheet > Password. By entering password you can prevent your worksheet from getting copied.

How to sum up the rows and column number quickly in the Excel sheet ?

Useing SUM function or select row and column and press auto sum command.

How can you add cells, rows or columns in Excel ?

To add new row or column right click on cell, one menu will open then choose desigre option.

How to resize the column ?

To change the width of one column, drag the boundary on the right side of the column until you find your desirable width.

What are the several report formats in Excel ?

There are three report formats in Excel, they are;

  • Compact
  • Report
  • Tabular

Is it possible to make Pivot table using multiple sources of data ?

Yes, If the multiple sources are different worksheets from the same workbook, then you can use these multiple sources of data to make Pivot table.

What is the use of comment ?

Comments are used to clarify the purpose of the cells, to clarify a formula used in the cell, to leave notes for others users about a cell.

How to add comments to a cell ?

To add a comment: Right click the cell and choose insert comment from the cell menu. Type your comment.

What is Freeze Panes in MS-Excel ?

Freeze Panes are used to lock any row or column. Locked row or column will be visible on the screen even after we scroll the sheet vertically or horizontally.

How to protection Excel Worksheet ?

Protect your worksheet using password.

Explain few useful functions in Excel

Following functions are frequently used in excel are given below;

  • Math Functions: SQRT, RAND(), DEGREE etc
  • Logical Functions: IF, AND, TRUE, FALSE
  • Index Match: VLOOKUP and INDEX MATCH
  • Date and Time Functions: NOW(), DATEVALUE()

Explain report formats in Excel

There are three types of report formats in Excel, they are given below;

  • Compact
  • Report
  • Tabular

Explain Uses IF function in Excel

IF function in excel are used for check certain condition, if condition is true it will return output otherwise it gives different result.

Give order of sequence of operating mathematical operation in Excel

Excel follow BEDMAS rule for operation mathematical operation.

  • Brackets
  • Exponents
  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

Give Numbers of Rows and Columns in MS-Excel 2003 and Later Versions

Excel VersionsRowsColumnsTotal Cells
MS Excel 20036553625616777216
MS Excel 200710485761638417179869184
MS Excel 201010485761638417179869184
MS Excel 201310485761638417179869184
MS Excel 201610485761638417179869184

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