SASS Interview Questions


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SASS Interview Questions

SASS Interview Questions for Fresher

What is sass ?

It is extension of CSS and it is very simple and easy to use.

Explaing syntax of sass ?

It support two types of syntax CSS and Rubby, sass support Rubby syntax and scss support CSS syntax.

Difference between sass and scss ?

Sass is the extension of css and it is very similar to rubby and scss syntax is similar to css.

Give name of sass inventor ?

Hampton Catlin is known as the father of SASS.

Explain some features of sass

  • Simple and easy to learn.
  • Full CSS3-compatible.
  • Many useful functions for manipulating colors and other values.
  • It support variable declaration.
  • Well-formatted, customizable output.
  • Support re-usability concept.

Give list of all directives used in Sass ?

  • @import
  • @media
  • @extend
  • @at-root
  • @debug
  • @warm
  • @error

How to declare variable in sass ?

Sass support variable declaration and here you can declare variable using $ sign.

Why use @import directive ?

It is used to import the sass or scss files. It directly takes the filename to import.

Why use @media directive ?

It is used to set style rule to different media types.

Why use @extend directive ?

It specifies and shares the rules and relationships between selectors.

Why use @at-root directive ?

It is specified as a collection of nested rules which is able to make style block at root of the document.

Why use @debug directive ?

This directive is used to detect the errors and display the SassScript expression values to the standard error output stream.

Why use @warn directive ?

This directive is used to get cautionary advice about the problem. It displays the SassScript expression values to the standard error output stream.

Why use @error directive ?

This directive is used to display the SassScript expression value as fatal error.

Data type supported by sass ?

  • Numbers (including units)
  • Strings (with quotes or without)
  • Colors (name, or names)
  • Booleans

What are advantages of SASS ?

  • It allows writing clean CSS in a programming construct.
  • It helps in writing CSS quicker
  • Sass is compatible with all versions of CSS, we can use any available CSS libraries.
  • It provide code re-usability

Why sass called super set of css ?

Sass is called super set of CSS because it contains all the features of CSS and is an open source pre-processor, coded in Ruby.

What are disadvantages of SASS ?

It takes time for developer to learn new features present in this pre-processor. There are chances of losing benefits of browser's built-in element inspector.

How many way we can use sass ?

There are three way to use sass which is given below;

  • As a command line tool
  • As a Ruby module
  • As a plugin for Rack enable framework

How to write placeholder selector in SASS? ?

SASS supports placeholder selector using class or id selector. In normal CSS, these are specified with "#" or ".", but in SASS they are replaced with "%". ?

How Sass comments are different from regular CSS? ?

Syntax for comments in regular CSS starts with /* comments...*/, while in SASS there are two type of comment, the single line comments // and the multiline CSS comments with /* */.

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