JSP Expression Tag

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JSP Expression Tag

Expression tag is used, to find the result of the given expression and send that result back to the client browser. In other words; These are used to show or express the result or response on browser. We can use this as a display result of variable and invoking method.

Each Expression tag of jsp will be internally converted into out.print() statement. In jsp out is an implicit object.

The expression tags are converted into out.print() statement and insert into the _jspService(-,-) of the servlet class by the container.

The expression tags written in a jsp are executed for each request, because _jspService(-,-) is called for each request.

One expression tag should contains one java expression only. In a jsp we can use expression tag for any number of times.


<%= expression %>

Expression does not need any semicolon (;) by default it places under jsp service() method scope.

Note: In jsp, the implicit object are allowed into the tags, which are inserted into _jspService(-,-). An expression tag goes to _jspService(-,-) only. So implicit object are allowed in the expression tag.

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