JSP Life Cycle

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JSP Life Cycle

A JSP life cycle can be defined as the entire process from its creation till the destruction which is similar to a Servlet life cycle with an additional step which is required to translate a JSP into Servlet.

Life cycle of a JSP Page

  • Translation of JSP Page to Servlet
  • Compilation of JSP Page
  • Classloading (class file is loaded by the classloader)
  • Instantiation (Object of the Generated Servlet is created).
  • Initialization ( jspInit() method is invoked by the container).
  • Reqeust processing ( _jspService() method is invoked by the container).
  • Destroy ( jspDestroy() method is invoked by the container).
JSP life cycle

Life cycle method of JSP

  • jspInit()
  • _jspService()
  • jspDestroy()

We can override jspInti(), jspDestroy(). But we can not override _jspService() method.

To inform the programmer that you should not override the service() method the method name is started with '_' symbol.

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