Livelock in Operating System


File System in Operating System Segentation in Operating System

What is Livelock in Operating System

A Livelock is a situation where a request for an exclusive lock is denied repeatedly, as many overlapping shared locks keep on interfering each other. The processes keep on changing their status, which further prevents them from completing the task. This further prevents them from completing the task.

Livelock occurs when two or more processes continually repeat the same interaction in response to changes in the other processes without doing any useful work. These processes are not in the waiting state, and they are running concurrently. This is different from a deadlock because in a deadlock all processes are in the waiting state.

Examples of Livelock

An easiest example of Livelock would be two people who meet face-to-face in a corridor, and both of them move aside to let the other pass. They end up moving from side to side without making any progress as they move the same way at the time. Here, they never cross each other.

file system in operating system

You can see in the above image, each of the two given processes needs two resources, and they use the primitive polling enter registry to try to acquire the locks necessary for them. If the attempt fails, the method works again.

  • Process A hold Y resource
  • Process B holds resource X
  • Process A require X resource
  • Process B require Y resource

Assuming, process A runs first and acquires data resource X and then process B runs and acquires resource Y, no matter which process runs first, none of them further progress.

However, neither of the two processes are blocked. They use up CPU resources repeatedly without any progress being made but also stop any processing block. herefore, this situation is not that of a deadlock because there is not a single process that is blocked, but we face the situation something equivalent to deadlock, which is LIVELOCK.

File System in Operating System Segentation in Operating System


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