Define Function in Paython


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Define Function in Python

Function is block of codes. Python provide built-in and user define both types of function.

  • Built-in function
  • User defined function

Built-in function

This type of functions are pre-defined, you can directly use in your program. For example print function is used for display message on screen or console.

Print hello world in python

a="Hello World!"  
print a  

User defined function

This type of functions are defined by programmer. According to your requirement you can defined you function name and it's functionality. In python you can define any function by using def keyword.

Syntax for define function in python

def function_name(parameter)
function body

Define function in python

def power(x,n):
    result = x
    for i in range(1,n):
        result = result * x
    return result



  • a variable store hello world string
  • print statement is used for display message on screen or console.

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