What is Paython

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What is Python

Python is object orented, high level, open source, interpreter based programming language. It is very simple and easy to use. Python supports multiple programming pattern, including object oriented programming.

Advantages of Python

  • Cross platform: Its code easily run on any platform like run on linux, windlow, unix.
  • Open Source:It is freely available for every one.
  • Simple and easy: It is very simple and easy to use.
  • Power Full: It have large standard library.
  • GUI Design: It is also used for design graphic user interface.
  • Object oriented: It follow all concept of oop's.

Disadvantages of Python

  • Python is not as fast as C and C++, It means it is slower than C/C++:
  • Does not check variable type at compile time. It use dynamic type so flexible that Python interpreter cannot check the type for mismatch at the compile time.

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