Use 301 Redirect In Blogger

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How to Redirect Old Url on New Url in Blogger

Redirect 301 is used for redirect any old url on new url permanently so it is also called permanent redirect. Redirect 301 is used for redirect any URL to other URL. With the help of this you can redirect your old blog URL on new URL. Google Blogger does not offer you to edit .htaccess file but they just released an option to use Custom 301 Redirects. From this features, you can do what you want. Just follow the below step to use this features.

Steps to Redirect 301

  • Login on your blog
  • Go To Your Desired "Blog" Dashboard.
  • Go To "Setting".
  • Go To "Search preferences".
  • Click "Edit" On Custom Redirects ? no items Edit
  • Now Add Your Desired Old Post URL In "From" Input Section.
  • Now Add Your Desired New Post URL In "To" Input Section.
  • Check "Permanent" Option.
  • Click "Save".
  • Then Click "Save Changes".
custom redirect in blogger
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