Collection Framework Advantages


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Difference Between Array and Collection

The main advantage of Collection Framework are Collections are grow-able in nature, hence based on our requirement we can increase or decrease the size. The main benefits are we can store the heterogeneous data in single variable and also has the size of collection is unlimited we no need to worry about how much data can store and also easy to access. If you need material on collection with better understand ping your mail id on comment. Some others advantage are given below;

  • Collection is re-sizable or dynamically draw-able memory.
  • Provides useful data structures in the form of predefined classes that reduces programming affords.
  • It support to store heterogeneous elements or object.
  • Collections accept both Homogeneous and Heterogeneous objects.
  • It provides higher performance.
  • If you want to store the group of individual objects into a single entity then we should go for collections.
  • We no need to provide fixed size to store data into the collections means collections are resizable in nature.
  • Every collection class having particular underlying data structure which is useful to delete, insert, and retrieve elements present in collections without providing any external code.
  • By using the concept of generics we can avoid typesafe problem.
  • It provides Extendability (depends on incoming flow of data,if the size of collection framework variable is increasing than the collection framework variable is containing Extendability feature).
  • It provides adaptability facility( The process of adding the content of one collection framework variable to another collection framework either in the beginning or in the ending or in the middle in known as adaptability).
  • It is one of the algorithmic oriented.
  • It provides in-built sorting technique.
  • It provides in-built searching technique.
  • It provides higher preliminary concepts of Data Structure such as:- Stack,Queue,LinkedList,Trees ..etc.
  • Reduces programming effort
  • Increases program speed and quality
  • Allows interoperability among unrelated APIs
  • Reduces effort to learn and to use new APIs
  • Reduces effort to design new APIs
  • Fosters software reuse

Main benefits of Collections Framework in Java

I. Reusability: Java Collections Framework provides common classes and utility methods than can be used with different types of collections. This promotes the reusability of the code. A developer does not have to re-invent the wheel by writing the same method again.

II. Quality: Using Java Collection Framework improves the program quality, since the code is already tested and used by thousands of developers.

III. Speed: Most of programmers report that their development speed increased since they can focus on core logic and use the generic collections provided by Java framework.

IV. Maintenance: Since most of the Java Collections framework code is open source and API documents is widely available, it is easy to maintain the code written with the help of Java Collections framework. One developer can easily pick the code of previous developer.

V. Reduces effort to design new APIs: This is the flip side of the previous advantage. Designers and implementers don't have to reinvent the wheel each time they create an API that relies on collections; instead, they can use standard collection interfaces.

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