Collection Framework Introduction

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What is Collection Framework

What is Collection ?

A Collection is simply an object that groups multiple elements into a single unit.

What is Framework ?

A Framework provides ready-made architecture and represents set of classes and interface.

What is Collection Framework ?

It is a unified architecture for representing and manipulating collections. All collections frameworks contain the following:

  • Interfaces
  • Interface Implementer Classes
  • Algorithms

It is a collection of classes in the java API. It can used to handle the data structure in java language or collection classes in java API used to manage the data very efficiently like inserting, deleting, updating, retrieving, sorting the data etc.

It is one of the standardized mechanisms which allow us to group multiple values either of same types or different type or both the types in a single variable with dynamic size in nature. This single variable is known as collection framework variable.

Where use Collection Framework ?

All the operations that we want to perform on a data such as searching, sorting, insertion, deletion etc. Before storing or moving the data to permanent memory location, first performed by Java Collection Framework.

collection framework

In above images you can see features of all collection classes and interfaces.

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