Expression evaluation in C


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Expression Evaluation in C

In c language expression evaluation is mainly depends on priority and associativity. An expression is a sequence of operands and operators that reduces to a single value. For example, the expression, 10+15 reduces to the value of 25.
An expression is a combination of variables constants and operators written according to the syntax of C language. every expression results in some value of a certain type that can be assigned to a variable.


This represents the evaluation of expression starts from "what" operator.


It represents which operator should be evaluated first if an expression is containing more than one operator with same priority.

{}, (), []1Left to right
++, --, !2Right to left
*, /, %3Left to right
+, -4Left to right
<, <=, >, >=, ==, !=5Left to right
&&6Left to right
||7Left to right
?:8Right to left
=, +=, -=, *=, /=, %=9Right to left

Example 1:


Example 2:


Types of Expression Evaluation in C

Based on the operators and operators used in the expression, they are divided into several types. Types of Expression Evaluation in C are:

  • Integer expressions – expressions which contains integers and operators
  • Real expressions – expressions which contains floating point values and operators
  • Arithmetic expressions – expressions which contain operands and arithmetic operators
  • Mixed mode arithmetic expressions – expressions which contain both integer and real operands
  • Relational expressions – expressions which contain relational operators and operands
  • Logical expressions – expressions which contain logical operators and operands
  • Assignment expressions and so on… – expressions which contain assignment operators and operands

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