Ternary Operator in C

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Ternary Operator in C

If any operator is used on three operands or variable is known as Ternary Operator. It can be represented with ? : . It is also called as conditional operator

Ternary Operator in C

Advantage of Ternary Operator

Using ?: reduce the number of line codes and improve the performance of application.


expression-1 ? expression-2 : expression-3

In the above symbol expression-1 is condition and expression-2 and expression-3 will be either value or variable or statement or any mathematical expression. If condition will be true expression-2 will be execute otherwise expression-3 will be executed.


a<b ? printf("a is less") : printf("a is greater");

Flow Diagram

Ternary Operator

Find largest number among 3 numbers using ternary operator



void main()
int a, b, c, large;
printf("Enter any three number: ");
large=a>b ? (a>c?a:c) : (b>c?b:c);
printf("Largest Number is: %d",large);


Enter any three number: 5 7 2
Largest number is 7

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