How to Buy Best Domain

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Preparation before Purchase a Domain

how purchase domain

In a simple word domain is nothing but it is a name of website. Before purchase a domain you need to prepare some important points which is given below.

  • Choose a top level domain name like ".com".
  • Find your domain name related to your website contents.
  • Next check on social media your domain name related name is already present or not. like


For facebook ---
For twitter  --
For Linkedin  --

Above url are most important when you create your website social page, If your domain name related page are already present then you can not create your websites social page. So before purchase any domain you first confirm all these things. These day Social media play most important role to fetch traffic on any website.

Check domain is black listed or not ?

Some time any domain is ban by search engine or Google Adsense in this case website owner not renew his domain and after 1 year it is available for other people. Here i will give you idea about how to buy best domain. Last but most important before buy any new domain check this domain is black listed by search engine or not also check it is ban by Google Adsense or not. Lots of tools are available for check your domain.

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