What is Cloud Web Server


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What is Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud web hosting is an easy way for companies to make use of extensive computing resources without owning any equipment. If you want to lear in details about Cloud Computing Vistion our complete Cloud Computing Tutorial
Cloud computing is a term referred to storing and accessing data over the internet. It doesn't store any data on the hard disk of your personal computer. In cloud computing, you can access data from a remote server.

Advantage of Cloud Web Hosting

Here, we discuss about some important benefits for using Cloud computing in your organization are

  • Reliable
  • Cost Savings
  • High Speed
  • Equipment is Physically Secure
  • Cloud Scales Easily
  • Pay as you use with cloud web hosting
  • Instant load balancing
  • On-Demand Self-service
  • Fast and effective virtualization
  • Offers advanced online security


Hosting a website on a single, standalone server can be risky. Because the entire website can fail if just one component on the server fails. Cloud services run in a virtualized state with redundancy arrangements preventing a single point of failure from crashing a website. Even if a single individual server goes offline, the cloud will continue to pull resources from the rest of the network.

Equipment is physically secure

It takes a lot of effort to protect equipment form physical intrusion at times. But in the cloud, there's no physical security issue. Because cloud equipment is hosted in highly secure data centers, often in remote locations.

Cloud scales easily

Using cloud computing you can easily increase your resource.

Pay as you use with cloud web hosting

Hosting a website on a dedicated server often means that clients pay for more resources than they use. With cloud services you only pay for the resources which you are actually using.

Instant load balancing

Cloud web hosting providers typically have very large infrastructure networks, consisting of thousands of physical servers, distributed over many locations. If a website experiences a sudden hike in demand a cloud provider can simply distribute the load across servers and locations. Thus, ensuring anyone in every geographical location will have quick, instant access to the website's resources.

Difference Between Cloud Computing and Web Hosting

Dedicated web servers vs cloud web hosting

Cloud web hosting is similar to clustered web hosting where many websites are hosted across a range of servers. However, cloud web hosting uses a much larger array of servers. And vast data centers often come in play when it comes to hosting in the cloud. In fact, your website may be hosted in data centers in different locations to enable redundancy.

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