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What is Html

Html stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Html mainly use for design a client side web pages, this is a static page it means you can only view Html page not give request and not get response from server. Using Html pages browser get user information through form (This is an Html element). Html provides so many elements (like <p>, <img>, <h1>) to design a web page.

Hypertext: is text which contains links to other texts. The hypertext pages are interconnected by hyperlinks, when mouse click on these link which brings you to a new webpage

Markup language: Any tag based language known as markup language, for example gml, sgml, html, xml etc.

Tim Berners-Lee berners-lee

Tim Berners-Lee is known as father of Html. The first publicly available description of HTML was a document called "HTML Tags", first described, on the Internet by Berners-Lee in late 1991.

Features for Html

  • Html is a static page.
  • Html is not a case sensitive.
  • Html is a error free language.
  • Html is simple and easy language.
  • It provides facilities to add audio, video, image on web pages.
  • Html is platform independent language, it can be run on any platform like window, linux, Mac.
  • Each and every elements of html should be enclosed within the angular brackets (<>).
  • Html programs are executed by the interpreter of the browser software.
  • Html program save with .htm or .html extension.
  • The current version of Html is Html 5.0

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