Html Image

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Html Image

Html provide <img> tag to display image on web page or browser. Html <img> tag is an empty tag that contains attributes only, closing tags are not used with <img> tag. <img> have following attributes;

Image Attribute

  • src: are used for specify the source file from where you want to display image.
  • alt :attribute are used for specify alternate text to display in the place of image when browser is unable to display image. This name is helpful for search engine to find the image on web.
  • title: attribute are used for specify a title for the image that will be displayed when mouse is placed over the image for few seconds.
  • height: are used for specify height of image.
  • width: are used for specify width of image.


<img src="/files/sublogo.png" alt="logo" title="html"
      height="200px;" width="250px;">



Browser supported


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