How to Earn Money Online

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How to Earn Money Through Internet

Online Earning means earn money through internet. Yes this is possible to earn money through internet. You get money only through advertisement and advertisement. Here every one can earn money you just need platform like you need below things.

how to earn online money
  • Your own blog
  • own website
  • own youtube channel
  • own facebook page
  • own facebook group
  • Join affiliate programs
  • Do freelancing

Note: On these above platform you can display your ads. All these things i will discuss in detail later.

Who give money

In online earning who give money this is big question in your mind ? in online earning you get money only from advertisements, here pay per click policy are work. When any one click on your ads which is display on your website or blog you get some earning (0.10$ to 5$ per click). These money is paid by advertising company for example Adsense is one of the biggerst company in the world, Adsense charges amount from his advertiser and again these money google Adsense paid you if any click on ads.

How Google Adsense Work ?

Google Adsense and Google Adwords are two programs of Google . If any person starts his new business and he want to promote his own business, Then he advertise their business With Google Adword and Google show these ads on the other sites through Google Adsense, That means Google Adword is a program which is charges per click money from persons who want to advertise their business and Google Adsense is a Program which pay the money for per click of sites owner where ads are show. When any person click on these ads the amount of per click send into publisher Adsense account and after a month he put out his monthly income.

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