What is PLSQL

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What is PLSQL

PL/SQL stand for (Procedural Language / Structure Query Language). It is extension of SQL. It was developed by Oracle Corporation in the early 90's to increase the functionality of SQL.

Why use PL/SQL ?

  • SQL does not support looping and condition statements etc...
  • In SQL you can not execute more than one statement at a time, so it increase the network traffic.
  • SQL always gives system defined error message, when user perform any wrong transaction.
  • SQL does not support the code reusability, it means you need to write insert, delete, update, select command each and every time.
  • SQL does not support procedure language features such as code reusability and modularity and some other features of oops.

To overcome all the above limitation of sql we use pl/sql.

The PL/SQL Engine

Oracle uses a PL/SQL engine to processes the PL/SQL statements. A PL/SQL language code can be stored in the client system (client-side) or in the database (server-side).

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