Structure of pl-sql program

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Structure of pl-sql program

pl-sql program is very easy to write and execute, Here i will show you in very simple way. pl-sql program contains mainly four section, they are given below;

  • Declare section
  • Begin section
  • Exception section
  • End section


declare				-------- 1
declaration variable;
begin				-------- 2
exception			-------- 3
exception handling statements
end;				-------- 4
  • Declare section: In this section user declare all the variables, cursor declaration etc.
  • Begin section: In this section, you need to declare all the executable statements, logical statements etc.
  • Exception section: In this section you need to write all the exception handling statements, which is used to convert system defined error message into user friendly error message.
  • End section: In this section represent end of the pl-sql program or block.


dbms_output.put_line("Hello word");

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