Convert Binary to Octal in C


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Write a Program in C to Convert Binary to Octal

In this types of program we takes a binary number as input and converts it into Octal number.

  • Take a binary number as Input.
  • Divide the binary number into groups of 3 bits. For each group of 3 bits, multiply each bit with the power of 2 and add them consecutively.
  • Add all the multiplied digits.
  • Here Combine the result of all groups to get the output.

Convert Binary to Octal in C

void main()
    long int binary_number, octal_number = 0, j = 1, remainder;
    printf("Please Enter any Binary Number: ");
    scanf("%ld", &binary_number);
    while (binary_number != 0)
        remainder = binary_number % 10;
        octal_number = octal_number + remainder * j;
        j = j * 2;
        binary_number = binary_number / 10;
    printf("Equivalent Octal Value: %lo", octal_number);


Please Enter any Binary Number: 11001
Equivalent Octal Value: 31 

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