Check Number is Positive or Negative in C

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C Program to Check Number is Positive or Negative

In this porgram we check given number is +ve or -ve number if number is greater than 0 it will possitive if number is less than 0 i will negative number. To write this code we need only if....else conditional statement.

Check Given number is Negative or Positive in C


void main()
 int num;
 clrscr ();
 printf("Enter any number: ");
 scanf("%d", &num);
 if (num > 0)
  printf("%d is a Positive number \n", num);
  else if (num < 0)
   printf("%d is a Negative number \n", num);
   printf("0 is Neither Positive nor Negative");

Output 1

Enter any Number: 10
10 is a Positive number

Output 2

Enter any Number: -20
-20 is a Negative number

Output 3

Enter any Number: 0
0 is Neither Positive nor Negative

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