Direction Shortcuts Tricks

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Direction Sense Test Tricks and Shortcuts

Distance and direction is the measurement of position of an object or thing with respected to another one. All Directions questions are based on two principles Distance and Direction. There are four main directions - East, West, North & South and four cardinal directions - North-East (N-E), North-West (N-W), South-East (S-E), and South-West (S-W) as shown below;

The first point you need to remember is that each main direction change undergoes a 90° change in direction e.g. from North to West/East it will be 90° change. But the change between North and North-east is only 45°

direction sense trick

What is Direction?

Direction is a measurement of position of one thing with respected to another thing.

What is Displament?

Displacement is the measurement of shortest distance between initial and the final point.

Main Direction

There are four type of directions, viz. East West North and South. Sun rises in the East. Just opposite of East is West and South is in the opposite to North.

Cardinal Directions

A direction between two main directions is called cardinal direction. Clearly, there are four cardinal directions They are.

  • N-E (North-East)
  • N-W (North-West)
  • S-E (South-East)and
  • S-W (South-West)
direction sense trick

Rotation of Angles

To solve angle movement questions. It is necessary to know about the rotations of angles which are given below;

  • For right direction movement (Clockwise)
  • For left direction movement (Anti-clockwise)

Left Turn Anti-clockwise direction

Right Turn Clockwise direction

rotation of angle
Number Series Number Series

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