Seating Arrangement Shortcut Trick


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Seating Arrangement Shortcut Trick

In Seating Arrangement questions, you have to arrange a group of persons fulfilling certain conditions. This is also written as sitting arrangement or sitting arrangement reasoning at some places.

reasoning seating arrangement problem tricks

Cases of Seating Arrangement

  • Circular Arrangement
  • Square Arrangement
  • Rectangular Arrangement
  • Double Row arrangement
  • Linear Arrangement

Linear Arrangement: In this arrangement of the persons is linear i.e. you have to arrange them in a line. Here generally a single row of arrangement is formed.

Double row Arrangement: In this arrangement there two groups of persons present. You have to arrange one group in one row and the other group in other row. The persons in these rows normally face each other.

Circular Arrangement: In this arrangement, arrange the persons around a circular table etc and fulfilling certain conditions.

Rectangular Arrangement: are almost similar to the circular arrangements; the only difference is that the persons are sitting around a rectangular table.

Solving Seating Arrangement

To solve Circular seating arrangement focus on two things people facing inwards or facing outward of circle

When Facing Inwards

Where all the persons to be arranged face the centre - then

  • All their 'rights' is in the anti-clockwise direction
  • Their 'lefts' is in the clockwise direction.
seating arrangement inwards

When Facing Outwards

Where all the persons to be arranged face the centre - then

  • All their 'rights' is in the clockwise direction,
  • Their 'lefts' is in the anti-clockwise direction.
seating arrangement outwards
Number Series Number Series


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