What is Prototype Model


Iterative Model in SDLC Big Bang Model in SDLC

What is Prototyping Model

The prototype model requires that before carrying out the development of actual software, a working prototype of the system should be built. A prototype is a toy implementation of the system. A prototype usually turns out to be a very crude version of the actual system, possible exhibiting limited functional capabilities, low reliability, and inefficient performance as compared to actual software.

spiral model

Steps of Prototype Model

  • Requirement Gathering and Analyst
  • Quick Decision
  • Build a Prototype
  • Assessment or User Evaluation
  • Prototype Refinement
  • Engineer Product

Advantages of Prototype Model

  • Reduce the risk of incorrect user requirement
  • Good where requirement are changing/uncommitted
  • Regular visible process aids management
  • New requirements can be easily accommodated as there is scope for refinement.
  • Support early product marketing
  • Reduce Maintenance cost.
  • Missing functionalities can be easily figured out.
  • Errors can be detected much earlier as the system is made side by side.
  • The developed prototype can be reused by the developer for more complicated projects in the future.

Disadvantages Prototype Model

  • Difficult to know how long the project will last.
  • Prototyping tools are expensive.
  • It is a time-consuming process.
  • Special tools & techniques are required to build a prototype.
  • It is very difficult for developers to accommodate all the changes demanded by the customer.
  • The customer might lose interest in the product if he/she is not satisfied with the initial prototype.
  • Poor Documentation due to continuously changing customer requirements.

Iterative Model in SDLC Big Bang Model in SDLC


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