Software Projects Management Tools


Maintenance Phase in SDLC Project Management Activities

Software Projects Management Tools

Software project management is an art and discipline of planning and supervising software projects. It is a sub-discipline of software project management in which software projects planned, implemented, monitored and controlled. To manage the Project management system adequately and efficiently, we use Project management tools.

What is Gantt chart ?

Gantt Chart first developed by Henry Gantt in 1917. Gantt chart usually utilized in project management, and it is one of the most popular and helpful ways of showing activities displayed against time. Each activity represented by a bar.

gantt chart

Gantt chart is a useful tool when you want to see the entire landscape of either one or multiple projects. It helps you to view which tasks are dependent on one another and which event is coming up.

What is PERT chart ?

PERT is an acronym of Programme Evaluation Review Technique. In the 1950s, it is developed by the U.S. Navy to handle the Polaris submarine missile programme.

In Project Management, PERT chart represented as a network diagram concerning the number of nodes, which represents events.

pert chart

The direction of the lines indicates the sequence of the task. In the above example, tasks between "Task 1 to Task 9" must complete, and these are known as a dependent or serial task. Between Task 4 and 5, and Task 4 and 6, nodes are not depended and can undertake simultaneously. These are known as Parallel or concurrent tasks. Without resource or completion time, the task must complete in the sequence which is considered as event dependency, and these are known as Dummy activity and represented by dotted lines.

What is Logic Network ?

The Logic Network shows the order of activities over time. It shows the sequence in which activities are to do. Distinguishing events and pinning down the project are the two primary uses. Moreover, it will help with understanding task dependencies, a timescale, and overall project workflow.

Maintenance Phase in SDLC Project Management Activities


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