Find Circumference of circle in C++

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Find Circumference of Circle Program in C++

In below C++ program, we will calculate circumference and area of circle given radius of the circle. The area of circle is the amount of two-dimensional space taken up by a circle. We can calculate the area of a circle if you know its radius. Area of circle is measured in square units.

Circumference of circle is the length of the curved line which defines the boundary of a circle. The perimeter of a circle is called the circumference.

c++ program to find circumference of circle


Circumference or Circle = PI X Diameter

Where, Where PI is a constant which is equal to 22/7 or 3.141(approx)

Program to Find Circumference of Circle

#define PI 3.141

void main()
 float radius, circumference;
 cout<<"Enter radius of circle\n";
 // Circumference of Circle = 2 X PI x Radius
 circumference = 2*PI*radius;
 cout<<"Circumference of circle: "<<circumference;


Enter radius of circle: 3
Circumference of circle: 18.84
c++ program to find circumference of circle
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