Convert Decimal to Octal Program in C++

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C++ program to Convert Decimal to Octal

A repeated division and remainder algorithm can convert decimal to binary, octal, or hexadecimal.

Algorithom for Number Conversion

  • Divide the decimal number by the desired target radix (2, 8, or 16).
  • Append the remainder as the next most significant digit.
  • Repeat until the decimal number has reached zero.

Before write decimal to octal conversion code you must be basic kanowledge about For Loop in C++, While Loop in C++ and Modulus Operator in C++.

C++ program to convert Decimal to Octal


void main()
int no,rem[20],i=0,j;
cout<<"Enter any Decimal Number: ";
cout<<"Binary Number is: ";
for(j = i - 1; j > = 0 ; j--)


Enter any Decimal Number: 23
Binary number is: 27
convert binary to decimal number in c++
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