Find the Simple Interest in C++

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C++ Program to Find the Simple Interest

There are three values involve in simple interest, Principal, Rate and Time. Simple interest is simple and easyest way to calculate interest charge on a loan. This type of interest usually applies for short-term loans.

Formula for Simple Interest

Simple Interest = (P * T * R)/100
  • P = Principle amount
  • T= Time Period
  • R= Rate of interest

Calculate Simple Interest in C++


void main() 
  float amount, rate, time, si;
  cout<<"Enter Principal Amount: ";
  cout<<"Enter Rate of Interest: ";
  cout<<"Enter Period of Time: ";
  si = (amount * rate * time) / 100;
  cout<<"Simple Interest: "<<si;

Output 1

Enter Principal Amount: 3000
Enter Rate of Interest: 2
Enter Period of Time: 3

Simple Interest: 180

Output 2

Enter Principal Amount: 1000
Enter Rate of Interest: 2
Enter Period of Time: 2

Simple Interest: 40

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