Difference Between Dbms and Rdbms

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Difference Between DBMS and RDBMS

Dbms and Rdbms both are used to store information in physical database but they have some differences, which is given below;

1In DBMS data are store as a file.In Rdbms data are store in a tabular form.
2In dbms relationship between two tables or files are maintained programmaticallyIn Rdbms relationship between two tables or files can be specified at the time of table creation.
3Dbms does not support client server architecture.Rdbms supports client server architecture.
4Dbms does not support distributed architecture.Rdbms support distributed architecture.
5In dbms there are no security of data.In rdbms there are multiple level of security, at logging level, at command level, at object level.
6Dbms may satisfy less than 7 rules of Dr. e.f coddRdbms usually satisfy more than 7 to 8 rules of Dr. e.f codd.
7Normalization is not available in DBMS.Normalization is available in RDBMS.
8Examples of DBMS are file systems, xml etc.Example of RDBMS are mysql, postgre, sql server, oracle etc.

Conclusion: After read all the above difference you can say that Rdbms is most secure and useful than Dbms.

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