SQL Naming Conversion

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Naming Conversion in SQL

Naming Conversion is nothing but it is a rules to follow by SQL at the time of write table name or column name.

  • Table should not contain duplicate column.
  • When we insert the value in table user no need to follow any order.
  • Database should not contain any duplicate object (table).
  • When we defined the variable in table user no nedd to follow any order.
  • Table name may be in upper case or lower case.
  • To join two word use "_" like employee_id.
  • Column name may be in upper case or lower case.
  • Avoid using datatype like text is datatype in sql.
  • Avoid quotes, Avoid using names like "FirstName" or "All Employees".
  • Avoid use reserved keyword used for table name or column name. Like user is reserve word in sql.

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