Installation of TC

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How to Install C++ Editor

Installation of TC is very simple just download turbo C or C++ and run .exe files

When you install the Turbo C or C++ compiler on your system, then TC directory is created on the hard disk and various sub directories such as INCLUDE, and LIB etc. are created under TC.

TC folder Details

  • INCLUDE :Contain the header files of C and C++.
  • LIB: Contain the library files of C and C++.
  • BGI: Contain Graphics related files.
  • BIN: Contain .exe, .obj etc files.

Turbo C For Window(xp, 7, 8)

Previously Turbo C are not work properly on Window 7 and its above versions. Here you can get Turbo C for Window 7 and its above versions.

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