Jdbc Callablestatement

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Callablestatement in Jdbc

To call the procedures and functions of a database, CallableStatement interface is used.

CallableStatement is a derived Interface of preparedStatement. It has one additional feature over PreparedStatement that is calling procedures and function of a database.

Because of CallableStatement is inherited from PreparedStatement all the features of PreparedStatement are also available with CallableStatement.


Create object of CallableStatement

The prepareCall() method of Connection interface returns the instance of CallableStatement. To create a reference of CallableStatement we have two syntaxes one with command and the other is wih calling procedure or function.

Syntax of prepareCall() method

public CallableStatement prepareCall("{ call procedurename(?,?...?)}");  


CallableStatement cstmt=con.prepareCall("sql command");


CallableStatement cstmt=con.prepareCall("{call procedure name or function name}");


CallableStatement stmt=con.prepareCall("{call myprocedure(?,?)}");

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