Contents Related Adsense Policy

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Contents Related Adsense Policy

Google Adsense is a highly pay advertising company but their policy are strictly followed by the publisher here we discuss about contents related Google Adsens policies.

First and most important policy of Adsense related to content is avoid adult and copyright contents. Some others policy of Adsense related to contents are given below.

  • Never hide ad unit, e.g using display:none in css.
  • Avoid to cover contents by Adsense ads.
  • Never to distribute ads by emails, not send ads to any one by mail
  • Avoid floating ads technique for example set float:fixed in css.
  • Never use IFRAM for other websites on any page where Adsense ads are display.
  • Avoid adult contents, never write any adult contents on your webpage or on blog.
  • Avoid copyright contents and also images, on your page or blog.
  • Avoid drug and alcohol related articles.

For cover contents by ads

Never use this technique, do not use below tricks.


margin-top:-100px; margin-left:300px

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