Use Adsense and Chitika Ads Together

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Can I Use Adsense and Chitika Ads Together

This is common question for all bloggers or websites admin, can i use adsense and Chitika together ? Here i will discuss about all these things related to adsense and Chitika.

Adsense with chitika

You can use Chitika Ads and AdSense together on the same page because: Chitika ad units are not contextual, Chitika ad units do not look like AdSense units

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  • You can safely use Chitika on the same page where you are monetising with AdSense.
  • Only take care about no any Chitika ads cover Adsense ads.
  • Better to no use hover and highlight ads, chance to cover adsense ads.

Reference: Google Adsense and Chitika

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