Adsense Payment on Hold

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Why Adsense Payment on Hold

Every day i get lots of message on Facebook, Quora, E-Mails regarding my why payment on hold, Today i will give you some reason due to your payment goes on hold.

The main reason for Adsense Payment on Hold is; If you change your account details or payment details after 15th of month in this case your current month payment goes on hold. In adsense policy clearly written if you change your payment detail after 15th of month; you payment goes on hold Some reason for payment on hold are;

adsense payment on hold

Reasons for Payment of Hold

  • Change you account detail after 15th of month.
  • Incorrect Payment derail filled by you.
  • When you fix payout more than your current account balance.
  • Mismatch payee name and bank account holder.

Note: Never change your payment detail after 15th of month.

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