How to Increase Adsense CPC

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How to Increase Adsense CPC

The CPC (cost-per-click) is the amount you earn each time whenever user clicks on your ad.The CPC for any ad is decided by advertiser they fixed amount for per click on their ad.

how to increase adsense earning

CPC depend on various factors which are given below;

  • High CPC Keyword
  • Your website Age
  • How old adsense Account
  • Traffic Country or Location (Traffic from USA, UK,Canada )
  • Educational, Law, Insurance, Real Estate, Google ad have high CPC

Some keyword have high CPC, Here I will give you high CPC keywords below;

Generally new adsense account have very low CPC, if you want to increase you CPC then try to write high CPC keyword related article (For Example; Load, Finance, Insurance related articles), due to this you can get high CPC Ads on your Blog or website, but in the beginning you get very low CPC after doing this process after 1 month your CPC will be increase. The main reason is Loan and Insurance company invest more on their businesses when the advertise his business.

Generally, USA, UK, Canada and other English language country people invest more for advertisement his business online. So if your blog or website have high traffic from these country you can get very high CPC. So try to get real traffic from these country.

Here I will give you all high CPC ads;

  • Google Ad (Gmail, Adword ads)
  • Educational Ad (University ad)
  • Law Ad
  • Real Estate Ad
  • Insurance Ad
  • Lone Ad (Home Load, car loan)

You can see in below image, this is our websites per month earning.

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