Servlet Content Type

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Content Type in Servlet

Content Type is also known as MIME Type. MIME stand for Multipurpose internet Mail Extension. It is a HTTP header that provides the description about what are you sending to the browser (like send image, text, video etc.).

This is the format of http protocol to carry the response contains to the client..

Example: Suppose you send html text based file as a response to the client the MIME type specification is



MIME type have two parts, They are:

  • Base name
  • Extension name

Base name: It is the generic name of file.

Extension name: It is extension name for specific file type.

The supporting MIME type by http protocol are:

FileMIME TypeExtension
Plaintext Filetext/plain..txt.
gif Imageimage/gif..gif.
JPEG Imageimage/jpeg..jpeg.
PNG Imageimage/x-png..png.
MP3 Music Fileaudio/mpeg..mp3.
MS Word Documentapplication/msword..doc.
Excel work sheetapplication/
Power Point Documentapplication/

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